Black young girl in a pink shirt cringes in pain and touches her cheek due to a dental emergency

How to Handle a Child’s Dental Emergency

April 27, 2022 9:11 pm

As children develop, they’re active and eager to experience everything life has to offer. Sometimes it can even seem like they never stop moving! Unfortunately, their curiosity and explorations can result in unexpected situations like dental emergencies. Children who participate in contact sports are particularly prone to dental injuries.

These tips can help you guide your child through a dental emergency while decreasing their pain and anxiety:

  1. Remain Calm & Collected
  2. Whether you are a parent, guardian, or temporarily watching a child, do not panic. You need to exude a sense of calm and control, which will help everyone involved feel less stressed and better able to make rational choices. When it comes to a dental emergency, time is of the essence. When emotions are more regulated, the emergency will be easier to resolve.

  3. Assess the Situation
  4. Quickly assess the situation to determine the severity of the emergency. For example, a lost permanent tooth and profuse bleeding need urgent attention, while a small chip or minor toothache may not need an immediate appointment.

  5. Call an Emergency Dentist
  6. Call an emergency dentist near you, even if you are unsure if the situation is an emergency. When you speak to an emergency dentist and explain the situation, they can let you know whether or not the child needs immediate attention. They can also suggest home remedies to ease any pain or swelling until their appointment.

Pharr Emergency Dentist for Children

We understand that dental emergencies can feel scary and overwhelming! Dr. Barbin and our Toothfairy Adult & Kids Dentist team provide prompt emergency dental care for patients of all ages, including children! We will be with you every step of the way to ease your anxiety and restore your smile. So if your family needs an emergency dentist in Pharr, TX, please call us ASAP!

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