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Can You Get Cavities with Sealants?

September 30, 2021 9:05 pm

Dental sealants are a simple and effective preventive procedure to help patients avoid cavities. Essentially, they serve as a protective layer in the grooves of the back teeth, called the molars. Bacteria and food particles are blocked from accumulating in the deep crevices of these chewing surfaces. Without this special barrier, these areas would be prone to decay and cavities.

Where Can Cavities Occur?

It’s important to know that cavities don’t only occur in the chewing surfaces of teeth that have pits and fissures. Decay is an area of weakened enamel that can occur anywhere on a tooth. A cavity is permanent enamel damage in the form of a hole. Cavities can develop on the root of a tooth, on its smooth sides, or on the top. So, even after sealants are applied, it’s still possible to get a cavity elsewhere in your mouth!

Are Sealants Effective?

According to the CDC, sealants are able to protect teeth against 80% of cavities for two years and against 50% of cavities for four years. And eventually they wear out and need to be replaced. However, dental sealants are still a highly effective and affordable way to significantly decrease the risk of cavities.

It’s essential to pair dental sealants with a healthy at-home oral hygiene routine of twice daily brushing and daily flossing, a balanced diet with plenty of water, and routine dental visits and fluoride treatments.

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